Auxilary Fleet

The Auxiliary fleet represents all keelboats which are not part of a Rush Creek one-design fleet. The Aux fleet is the largest fleet at RCYC, consisting of a broad spectrum of sailboats, from J124 to Viper 640. Racing within the Aux fleet, one can match up with a Cal 27,

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IC-24 and Club Boat Fleet

No boat? No problem! Join the Club Boat Program and sail a club IC24. The IC-24 is a modified version of a J-24.¬† The deck is removed several feet behind the mast and replaced with a open “sport boat” style cockpit. Using standard J-24 sized mainsail, jib, and spinnaker, makes

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J-22 Fleet

The J22 Fleet at Rush Creek¬† is very active at the club, district and national level of racing. Most of the boats at Rush Creek are raced actively and the “Creekers” have a reputation for traveling to big regattas, as well as hosting them.The primary competitive outlet for the Rush

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Lightning Fleet

The Lightning, a 700 pound 19 foot trailer able centerboard sloop, was originally designed by Sparkman & Stephens as an affordable family day-sailor and racing boat. The hull features a unique hard chine design providing stability with sail-carrying power combined with flat bottom sections that promote planning. The Lightning has

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MC Scow Fleet

The MC Scow fleet is active both at the fleet level with sailing every Sunday and on the national level with participants at the Midwinters, North American Championships, and ILYA championships. 

Melges 24 Fleet

The Melges 24 is by far the most unique one design sportboat in the world and to this day maintains a growing and vibrant class. There is no comparison. The response and excitement generated by this America’s Cup inspired boat is phenomenal. Typically sailed with a crew of 4, the

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Sunfish Fleet

The Sunfish is a 13 foot single hander with a simple, easy to assemble, lateen rigged centerboard sailboat. More Sunfish have been produced than any other sailboat in the world. In recent years, the boat has seen a resurgence in popularity as middle aged hotshots in other classes have grown

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