Membership Application

Thank you for taking the next step toward joining Rush Creek Yacht Club and becoming a part of something very special within the sailing community. We welcome you to improve your yacht racing skills at Rush Creek Yacht Club by actively participating as a skipper, crew member, or Race Committee volunteer!

There are eight types of membership classes to select from. If you would like assistance in selecting the correct membership class for yourself and/or your family, review the information about membership types on this website, or contact the Membership director at 972-671-6500 or E-mail:¬†Membership email in-box; they’ll be happy to guide you toward the proper plan:

  • Regular Members Those members over 35 years of age. Enjoys all club privileges.
  • Associate Members Those members at least 21 years of age but less than 35 years of age.
  • Small Boat Members Those members launching and sailing a boat weighing under one thousand (l,000) pounds without a fixed keel. A member may be a small boat member for no longer than five (5) years.
  • Junior Members Those members at least 12 years of age but less than 21 years of age. Non-voting and non-transferable.
  • Student Members Those members enrolled as full-time students in an accredited school and are at least 21 years of age but less than 25 years of age. Non-voting and non-transferrable.
  • Crew Members Persons participating in racing activities and must have a member sponsor. Membership is renewed on an annual basis. No boats or launching priveleges. Non-voting and non-transferrable. If you are a new crew member you must fill out the Crew Certification Form;¬† TOGETHER WITH THE STANDARD MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION; where Crew Member is checked. A renewing crew member needs to fill out the Crew Application at the end of each year.
  • Social Members Those members that are non-sailing but support the racing activities of the Club. A social member can use the club facilities, but cannot have a boat on the property and has no boat launching priveleges. This type of membership is for a new member or a person who was a crew member. Non-voting and non-transferable.
  • Non-Resident Members Available only to persons who are fully-paid members and live more than 100 miles from RCYC. On returning to the 100 mile radius, the member is no longer eligible for this status.

Click Here to Download Application Form
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If you would like the benefit of having your membership dues and other club charges automatically debited from your bank account, please use this form: Direct Debit Authorization Click Here to Download Direct Debit Authorization Form

Please note: As each member reaches the next age bracket (or leaves school), the appropriate fee increase must be paid.  All members are entitled to full use of the Club facilities with the above exceptions noted. Rush Creek is a Non-Profit organization and as such it must follow certain rules. One of these rules is that new member applications must be approved by the RCYC Board of Governors. The Board meets on the third Monday each month to review provisional (new) applications.

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